How Important Are Common Interests in a Relationship?

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Nothing in common with your partner? Here’s why it doesn’t matter

The hope is that you and your future spouse will see eye to eye in certain important areas: your feelings about monogamy , your spending habits and whether or not you want to have kids , to name a few. Brooks told HuffPost. We asked relationship experts to name some of the things that are not necessarily important to have in common. And many couples enjoy bonding through playing a sport together or sharing a variety of hobbies. But there are plenty of couples whose interests diverge.

Being in a relationship with Rob is the first experience I have dating someone who shares so many of my interests. Sure, there are lots of things.

Sometimes there was no attraction. Sometimes we had similar interests, but completely different values. Sometimes there was nothing more than friendship. Sometimes mutual interests were the only thing we shared, and sometimes they were just jerks. This led me to realize that even though having mutual interests in relationships is good, there are more important things, like finding someone with similar values. I also wondered if our emphasis on finding someone with mutual interests has led to relationships based entirely on those interests, with little to no emotional connection.

Some relationships even last longer than they should because we tend to hold onto those mutual interests.

Why Dating People With Common Interests Is Great!

One of the top secrets to having a happy relationship is by spending time together. Luckily, there are tips to help couples bond with each other. Some benefits of a happy relationship include better health and reduced stress. It provides social support, a sense of belonging, and an avenue for personal growth. Unfortunately, many couples never get to experience these joys.

Even though the person you’re dating is a good person on the inside, It’s important to have at least one hobby or interest in common so that.

Most strong-minded people have well defined likes, dislikes, interests, preferences and perspectives. It also explains why I stopped dating from that dating pool. I took up Kung Fu because it was the only way I could see my partner after work since that was his evening hobby. I started playing squash so that he could play doubles with his friends while I played with their wives. Neither was I going to feel bad about my love for artsy movies, long novels, dramatic theater, photography and blog writing.

Truthfully though, I knew I would never find a heterosexual man who shared my interests. I knew that we had enough going on with our different ethnicities and cultures already. Looking back now, I regret my lack of communication.

50 Relationship Tips That Are Actually Terrible Advice

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So how about apps that specifically bring together people with common interests​? If you’d like to meet someone who shares your passion.

We all have have our favourite interests. Some of us like reading, socialising, horse riding, going to the gym…the list can be endless! But there really is nothing better than hanging out with someone who also enjoys what you love to do. Huggle is the first dating app to match people based on mutual places. So what happens when you meet someone who shares your lifestyle and interests? Well a lot actually…. The places where you like to go and the things you like doing say a lot about who you are as a person.

And thanks to Huggle, you can skip pass any awkward pauses and chat with like-minded souls! Huggle still employs swiping but with a little twist – you can see the places you have in common with other users.

Happy couples only need to have these 2 things in common

Great hear from yea man: I searched up this topic n came across your article and found it really helpful for my situation. We just go shopping, or he drives me to work or jus watch TV n movies at home. Can u please help? Having a insightful debate vs not explaining why you like your favourite food.

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Top 5 Interests to Have in Common With Your Partner

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Within minutes, you discover that you both have a passion for cycling and make plans to meet the next day. But what is this relationship based on? In typical dating scenarios like this one, people come together based on superficial conversations. Basing a relationship on shared interests is a formula for disaster. The fact that they can tie a Windsor knot indicates nothing about the essence of who they are.

This is how mystery dating occurs. Mystery dating is based on superficiality and lacks a clear vision. Our hobbies have brought us closer, but they were never the foundation of our relationship. Instead, our passion for one another as unique people—along with commitment, admiration and respect—drives our devotion to one another. Knowing these things about a person is the most essential component of marital compatibility.

But when it comes to what matters most, we have been aligned from the beginning, always heading in the same direction. Dating for marriage requires sharing values and vision from the very first date. Plan dates that encourage more time talking. Meaningful conversation not only eliminates mystery dating, but it also helps determine if your long-term visions align and makes for much more rewarding conversation!

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